Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Came to the Hood

This past Sunday, we were blessed enough to have Santa visit us in our own neighborhood for a second year in a row.  It was a fun evening and each child got to sit on Santa's lap and have a 2-3 minute conversations with him about their behavior this past year.  Some had good reports and some had not such good reports but it was fun to hear Santa give all the kids some good advice.

 We feel so blessed to live where we do and to have met such incredible neighbors who are now friends.  I am thrilled that my kids will have such fond memories of their childhood neighborhood.

We are "almost" ready for Christmas.  The kids have been having fun with Sparkle the Elf.  He has been up to some crazy stuff again this year.  The other morning we found him in the Barbie Pink Convertible with the Ken Doll.  We had lots of theories about where they were headed that day and where they had been the night before.  Today he was riding the pink Barbie bike.  So fun.

The count down continues and the kids can't wait to celebrate Baby Jesus Birthday and celebrate the season with our families.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Sandwich Project

On Sunday at Girl Scouts, our troop made 300 sandwiches for our local community.  It was an awesome event and one that really hit home to all of us involved. 

The girls loved making the sandwiches knowing that those would go to people in our own community that are in need.  We learned about The Sandwich project and about Mr. Law who started this program a few years back.  He drives around our community and delivers the sandwiches to those people who are in need.  He drives all night long and he has not slept in his bed for 12 years.  What a impact this man is making on our community. 

We also took home banks that we made to collect donations for Mr. Law and his organization.  It was a great project and really helped the girls learn how they can make a difference right here in our own community.  Awesome!

A Trip to the North Pole

On Saturday, we were all lucky to help Jon fly a trip to the North Pole.  There as an event through his work for kids that are in need to come to the airport and fly to the North Pole.  Well, not really fly to the North Pole....but we can all pretend pretty good. 
K and Daddy getting ready for the Flight

At this event there were carnival games, the local sports teams mascots, a magician, music, food, and we all loaded onto an airplane an pretended to fly to the North Pole.  Jon was lucky to be the co pilot for the trip.  The plane taxied around the airport and went really fast down the runway and then they hit the brakes.  However, when we were taxing, we all closed our window shades so no one could see where we were at.  When we got back to our gate, we were instructed to open our window shades and look for Santa Claus.  There he was running around the airplane outside.  He then made his way on the plane.  It was the coolest event EVER!  We all enjoyed helping out at this event. 

The Girls in First Class!
A, E, K worked the fishing pole booth and loaded up the cups with candy for all the kids.  They did a great job and we were so proud of them for helping out.  We also got to see where Jon's new office is and we met some of his new co-workers.  It was great and he really works with a lot of great people. 

We hope to be involved again next year for this very cool event.  Merry Christmas!