Friday, September 06, 2013

First Day of School 2013 Third Grade

It is hard to believe that summer is over and school has started again.  WOW!  That went fast.  The kids are all very excited for the new school year.  Jon and I are very excited as well.  This year the kids will all be in the same class.  They started a new school with in a school where are kids attend and we were lucky enough to have made the cut to be included in this school. 
The school is called Impact Academy.  I can post more about the school later but it is a different way to teach kids.  They will learn and work at their own level and pace as well as do some Service Learning this year.  The classroom is very dynamic and exciting.
So far the kids are very happy with their new gig.  They come home and talk about all the exciting things they have done that day.  They are thrilled with this new furniture and space.  They told me that they have not done any learning yet this year.  I replied and told them that they better start learning or we will have to find a new school.  Then K piped up and said "Mom, we are learning but just in a new way so it does not feel like learning"!  BINGO! 
Jon and I pray that this school year will be a success.  We are hopeful and excited for what is to come and how much our kids will grow. 
Now for that to do list that is a mile long on all the things I need to get caught up on around here.....