Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Living it up at Nine....and Forty One!

This past weekend AEK turned 9 years old.  It is hard to believe that they are already half way to 18 years of age but it is true.  Time sure is flying by. 

We had a wonderful weekend full of fun and good times.  The girls had their party on Saturday afternoon.  We had a GIRLS ROCK party with a DJ and all.  They danced and danced and danced some more in the garage while Jon, Grandma A, Grandma E, Jane, and Grandpa E watched.  It was such a fun party and all of the girls were so fun to have around. 

We finished their party off with some crafts, pizza, cake and Ice Cream and gift opening.  So neat to see all the girls excited to give A and E their gifts.  It was equally as sweet to watch A & E open their gifts and be so thankful to all their friends. 

K had his party on Sunday afternoon.  We went to a trampoline park.  Boys have so much energy that it was great to watch all of them run and jump and sweat having a blast.  There was a game of Dodge ball that even Jon was able to be a part of. 

K then have pizza and cake with his friends followed by gift opening.  It too was neat to watch the giving and the receiving.  After that the boys got to play arcade games and Laser Tag. 

Jon had his Birthday today.  We did celebrate at Grandma A on Sunday night.  She made a wonderful meal and treated us all to her great cooking. 

It has been a Birthday week full of good memories, lots of laughter, yummy cake and most important good health and love.  God sure had blessed all of us.