Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dog Wedding 2014 Gracie Mae married Gus Clifford

For a long time our girls and the neighbor girl have been planning a dog wedding.  What started out at first as some pretend dog wedding planning turned out to be a real wedding.  I have to give most of the credit for this to my very creative neighbor Melissa who truly took this wedding to a whole new level.  She made the dog collars, shopped for the matching clothes, reserved the photographer, purchased the wedding bubbles, signs, and rose pedals and all in all helped us all to be organized for this event.

Although, the guys were not impressed with the idea, the kids sure will remember this and we made some great memories and actually got some great photos.

Click this link to go to the photographers blog.

This one is my favorite of the wedding:

Absentee Blogger

WOW….It has been over six months since I last posted to the blog.  It's hard to pinpoint one excuse for that but its not for lack of desire.  I have a new computer now and I am in love.  I can move around the internet so much faster and easier and posting to the blog will not be as much trouble as it had been before.  
K just said to me the other night, “Mom, I found your blog online and did you know that you have had over 36K visits on your blog?”…..uh, no I guess I did not realize that.  I need to get back at it.  
I also am now blogging for my job.  I have been designed to be the person in charge of our blog at work.  You can find that blog here… after posting to it the other day, I thought to myself, ‘Why am I not posting to The Erickson Five anymore.  

Bottom line, I vow to get back at it.  Anyone still out there?  If so, post a comment.