Friday, January 22, 2010

Cousins Rock

Last weekend we were lucky enough to host Jon's family here at our new house. The kids just love when there Big Cousins E & E are around. They all had a great time together. K loved playing the Wii with cousin E because he knows so much about the games that K likes to play. We had a make your own pizza night and the kids really enjoyed that. On Saturday, cousins E & E came to the kids soccer game and A, E, and K were so proud to have them there and show off their soccer skills. After soccer, cousin Em came to the girls dance practice and all of us girls had a great time.

Saturday night the "dads" headed out to a hockey game of the local college and the one where Jon attended. I cheer for the local college but Jon along with his entire family cheers for the other team! My little E cheered with me though and not to rub it in...the best team won! We also got front rows seats to the funniest puppet show in town. Lots of crazy hair and funny jokes.

Sunday we all headed to church together. We were actually early to church which is not bad considering there was 11 of us to get showered and dressed. After church, we came back to watch some football and have an awesome Turkey dinner.
The kids went outside and did some sliding. They had a blast and Jon used his sisters fancy camera to shoot some great pictures.
It was an awesome weekend and so nice to host company in our new home. I think everyone enjoyed that part of it.

~Family a journey to Forever~

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