Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dancing in the Kitchen

One of our favorite things about our new house is that we have a kitchen that we ALL fit into. This was not the case at our old house so we are delighted to have a bigger kitchen. One of our other favorite things is a speaker system in some of the rooms where we can have our Ipod play. Last night, Jon had Jack Johnson playing while the kids ate their bedtime snack. One of my favorite songs came on and Jon and I started to dance. Our children watched us in awe as we danced close and swayed to the music. Then all of the kids started to dance too. It soon became a full blown dance party right in the kitchen and oh what fun we all had. Nothings better than belly laughing and dancing crazy with your family.
So Thank You Jack Johnson for your music, Thank you babe for the dance, Thank you kids for the laughs, and Thank you God for all the awesome people and things you have brought to my life! Amen!

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