Thursday, March 31, 2011

Medieval Times in GA

Aunt Lorretta and Uncle Bern took us to a place called Medieval Times during our stay in GA.  This was so different from anything that we had ever done and we LOVED it.
There were Knights, a King, Princess, Prince and the whole environment was like you were back in Medieval times.
There was no utensils for eating so you used your hands, and while they served the dinner the show went on with the cast of Characters.  There were live horses and lots of battles and awesome things to watch.  At one point during the show, K leaned over to me, as one of the knights had fallen down during a battle, and asked me, "Mom, is he really dead"?
We were cheering for the Yellow Knight and I will never forget how K waved the yellow flag so enthusiastically cheering his Knight on.   Our Knight did not win the battle that night but it did not matter, we still had a great time. 

It was a lot of fun and so memorable.  The kids really enjoyed the dinner show!

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