Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The G Word

Today was a big day for me. After 8 years of being off medication for my MS, it as time to get back on some medication.  I started Gilenya today which is the first oral medication for RRMS patients.  Due to a drop in blood pressure you have to be monitored on your first dose of this medication.  So this morning I headed off to the hospital to take my first dose.  It was a long boring day just sitting around being monitored but I am happy to announce that there were no side effects and I feel pretty good tonight.  Just a little tired. 
As I sat there today in the infusion center I could not help but see so many Chemo patients pass my room.  As much as I wanted to feel sorry for myself, I could not.  I know that in my life I could be battling such bigger battles that what I do. 
So tonight I am grateful for a terrific nursing staff, a uneventful day, and big hugs and smooches from my kiddos when I got home. 

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