Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekends in the Summer

Okay, I am way behind on this blog and the updates.  I will spare all the details but my computer is in the shop right now so my computer time has been cut. 
Anyway, a few weekends ago we had a ton of fun with our friends the Clark's.  There kiddos and our kiddos just love to get together and play. 
We had planned to go to a blues festival with the kiddos and hang out but the weather was so warm that we opted to go out to eat and come back to our house to hang out. 

The kids played, danced, watched a movie, and just plain hung out.  The adults had some serious Jokers games.  It is always the men against the women and sadly I have to report that the men won the round of Jokers games for the night but overall, the women are still ahead.  It was a fun night and very relaxing to just hang out.  We need more of these types of nights. 

The picture below is from Friday night of this weekend.  We were lucky enough to get to hang out with our friends the Littles, this seems to e a rare occurrence these days since Jon, Steve, and Lisa all travel a lot for their jobs.  The littles treated us to a pontoon ride out on the beautiful lake they live on.  It was a fun night and our kids had fun catching up with the Little's girls.  The kids jumped off the Pontoon and ran around together.  It was a wonderful evening. 
This summer is flying by us.  I look forward to the next weeks of summer as our activities are all winding down and it is truly time to chill out and hang together as a family. 

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