Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cub Scouts Went To NYC

This past weekend, Jon took K's cub scout troop to his work to teach them about airplanes.  I was lucky enough to tag along as a chaperon that day and boy did we all enjoy ourselves.  Jon lined it up so all of the boys could have a chance to fly the airplanes with the simulator.  I even sat in the captains chair and flew a little.  It was neat to go inside of the simulator and then it was as equally neat to watch the simulator from the outside move around as the groups each took turns flying the airplane. 

It was fun to for K and I to learn and experience what Jon does for his job.  Jon had a great time showing it all off to the cub scouts and some of their Dad's who tagged along.

I have much respect for Jon and what he does everyday.  It takes brains and guts to fly big planes and Jon makes us all proud. 
All the Cub Scouts were so well behaved and excited to experience flying the airplane.  We all flew out of New York and then back into JFK.  We helped take off and land the airplane and along the way there were different emergencies that arose and we saw how the pilots are supposed to deal with them. 

Kendrick was sure proud of his Dad that day and everyone really enjoyed the field trip.  Thanks Babe for a fun afternoon! 

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