Monday, February 27, 2012

E's New Smile

E came into our room early on Friday morning and she was smiling.  I could see that her front tooth was loose.  Ironically, I had just awoke from a dream where she had pulled out her front tooth.  So I told her about my dream.  We discussed her front tooth and she agreed that it was ready to come out.  She wanted to pull it out at school though so she was going to wait.  However, I managed to talk her into letting Jon pull it out since it was basically sideways in her mouth.  Jon had one little tug and it came right out.

I just love her new smile.  E has been waiting a long time for her front tooth to come out.  She is about 1.5 to 2 years behind the other two in losing teeth and it has been a long wait to finally get a turn.  She was so proud.  Doesn't she look cute.  The tooth fairy brought two dollars worth of change and a car wash token.  E was thrilled when she woke up to find that this morning. 

I am excited for her and this milestone.  Gosh they grow so fast!

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