Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Atlanta 2012

A few weeks ago the five of us headed down to the Atlanta, GA area to visit my Aunt Lorretta and Uncle Bern.  This is the third trip we have taken to visit my dear Aunt and Uncle.  They SPOIL us rotten when we get down there with having so many wonderful things planned.  We all truly enjoy their company and spending time together with all of us. 

This time we went to Tallula Falls and it was fabulous.  As you could see from my Wordless Wed. last week we climbed a lot of stairs but we sure enjoyed the scenery as it was breathtaking beautiful. 
We then headed over to Dave and Busters because this is what we do with Lorretta and Bern every time we go to visit them.  Uncle Bern spoils the kids rotten with tons of game play and we all enjoy helping them win.  The kids enjoy the prizes at the end of the night. 
We also spent time playing soccer with each other as well as we got to go to Stone Mountain to take in the laser light show they do at night.  It was a lot of fun. The kids were lucky enough to get to jump on the neighbors trampoline and Uncle Bern spent hours watching them jump and listening to them play.  They all loved it.

Ella and Aimee made friends with the stray cat in the neighborhood.  Aunt Lorretta just sent us a note to let us know that the kitty comes around more often to their house now.  Ella was thrilled.

Of course we had to make GG Del pround and there were lots of games of cards this time too.  Aunt Lorretta taught us how to play Bunco as well and we all had fun with that.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day Brunch and then sadly we had to say goodbye to Aunt Lorretta and Uncle Bern.  It was hard to come home because we had so much fun.  We promised we would come back hopefully in the not so distant future. 

Thank you Aunt Lorretta and Uncle Bern for a fabulous weekend.  Great fun, Great conversation, Great Food and lots of laughs.  What else could we ask for.  We love you guys. 

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