Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Camp 2012

The Girls in their Fort with their Friend E.
A few weeks ago, the kids enjoyed going to the YMCA summer camp.  We signed the kids up to go with some friends from the neighborhood and school. 
Camp was AWESOME!  After the first day, I picked the kids up and the first thing they all asked is if they could go again next year.  I smiled and was very excited that they were in for a great week. 
K with his buddy J!
Thursday night was family night at the camp and I was able to go and see what they had done all week.  I saw the "forts" in the woods that they considered "home" for a week.  I saw the pool and "black hole" slide, along with the Ga Ga Monster pit and many other wonderful things from the camp. 
Teaching the Parents "Camp Songs"
The girls with their group and leader Zach
We were introduced to the many many many camp counselors who were young adults who all must have a passion for spending time with kids.  We learned the many songs that the kids are still singing today. 

K with his Camp Sign by his Fort
All the Girls!

A, E, and Friend E in their Camp Fort
Overall, Summer Camp 2012 RULED!  AEK can't wait to go back next year for more adventures.  AWESOME!

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