Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Three Second Graders....and a dog

WOW!  Summer flew by and it is obvious with this blog how busy the end of our summer truly was with no posts!  I have a lot to catch up on. 
Today, we send three 2nd graders off to school.  They were all so excited and could hardly wait to get there.  I love how the outfits are carefully picked out, how the pack backs are set to go, and we are so organized for the first day!  This morning I could not help but think about how great it would be if we could be that Organized all school year! 
Anyway, the kiddos all came home with a great report.  They all had great things to share about their day and all of them made new friends.  I could not be more thrilled for them. 
Ahhhh....all my kids!

WOW!  They look so grown up!

A Jumping High

K Jumping High

E Jumping High

Even Gracie is excited and happy for the kids!

The Bus Stop busy as ever!
So we are off to a great start and pumped up about the year ahead learning all the wonderful things that 2nd graders learn. 

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