Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Times in the Dells

 Last week, Grandma Mary and I decided to take the kids to the Wisconsin Dells.  This is the month that the guys in our family spend all their free time Hunting.  Well if you ask them about it they will tell you that they are bringing food home for the winter but we all know it is more fun than work for those guys.

Grandma Mary and I decided it was time for us to go have some fun as well.  We won a timeshare in the dells at a Silent Auction at Grandma Mary's church and then the planning started.  None of us have ever been to the Dells so we did not know what to expect.

I am here to tell you that it was an AWESOME trip.  We all had so much fun and I am sure we will be heading back to the Dells one day and maybe we will even bring the "guys" along next time.

We spent two of our three full days at the Water Parks and boy oh boy was that thrilling.  We hit the body slides, family, slides, roller coaster water slides, and a few thrill water slides that had my heart pumping.  It was a riot.

At night we would play games and watch movies followed up by a good nights sleep.  Of course we had some awesome meals too.

The last day we played mini golf at an outdoor course, we bowled, we shopped the outlets, and then we had a great dinner.  You know its been a great vacation when you are all sad to have to pack your bags and head back home.

It was so nice to get away from the crazy busy life that we lead right now.  It was fun to sit and spend time with the kids and with Grandma Mary.  Time is going by way to fast so I really do appreciate when we can "slow" down for a few days and catch up on some good quality time together. 

I think Grandma Mary and I decided that every October we plan to take the kids on a mini vacation while the guys are all out having fun.  Not sure what next year will bring but I am sure it will be fun and exciting.

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