Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

My Handsome Crew!
E with Bella the pig!
Halloween this year was so much fun.  We truly live in a great neighborhood for so many reasons but Halloween is one of them.  Jon had the day off of work so he decked out the front yard with tombstones, lights, fog machines and he added this year the coffin that we inherited when our neighbors Tim and Perry moved.

The whole crew!
Beverage Cart Drivers!
The kids were thrilled when they came home from school that day to find all the decorations out in the yard.  Gracie sure liked all the new stuff to and one sign of her growing up is that she only wanted one fake arm to chew versus EVERYTHING in sight like last year.

K with his friends.

A with her friends.

The kids dressed up as a bumble bee, Super Girl, and a Zombie skate border.  We had our annual pizza dinner with Jane and Bella and then we headed down to the neighbors to catch a ride on the hay ride that goes through the neighborhood.  This year it got even bigger with 25 plus kids.  Jon was in charge of driving the beverage cart and he was in high demand most of the night.  Jane stayed back at the house to hand out candy and hang out with the dogs.  Both Bella and Gracie did great all night long.
The Wagon in motion!

Super Girl E and Gracie
Overall it was a wonderful Halloween.  We all had fun.  Good friends, good treats, and great memories. 

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