Friday, January 04, 2013


Every year Grandma and Grandpa A treat all of us to a play and a nice dinner.  This year the play was ELF and we LOVED it.  It was kid friendly and so colorful.  The acting was great and we laughed and laughed.  I give ELF 5 stars. 

 After the play went to Axel's one of our favorite places to celebrate.  We had excellent service and outstanding food.  It was truly an amazing night of celebrating. 

It is such a fun afternoon and evening to spend with family.  We all enjoy going to the play and of course a fancy dinner.  I feel like this exposes the kids to the theater and the arts.  They look forward to it just as much, if not more than Jon and I.  What a wonderful way to kick off our Christmas celebrations.  Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful gift year after year.  Love you.

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