Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas with 4 Yr Olds

Both Jon and I have been enjoying this Holiday Season with the kids. They have so much wonder in their eyes and excitement in their hearts. Every morning when they wake up they ask if they can have their Chocolate from their Advent Calendars. Then we count how many days left until Christmas. This usually ends with them jumping up and down cheering because Christmas is getting closer.We have been so busy with work, school, activities, and most of all fun Holiday stuff that I have not had time to blog. I am happy to report that we are all having so much fun this holiday season. Three 4 yr olds at Christmas time is the best. I love this age. They are so innocent and as a parent it is so much fun to witness all the excitement this time of year brings.
We have decorated our tree, made cookies,done some shopping (they were angels for me), wrapped presents, sang songs, watch holiday movies, visited with Santa (5 times now), celebrated good cheer with close friends, and best of all talked and learned all about baby Jesus and why Christmas is so important. After all, He is the reason for the season.
I wrapped the kids presents the other night and they happen to be wrapped in big boxes this year. The next morning, A was up first so she found me for her usual morning snuggles. Then I heard her by the tree and she ran off quickly and this is what I heard her say "hey guys, you better come quick cause you gotta see this". The next thing I knew I had three very curious kids inspecting the new packages that were under the tree. I thought we would never hear the end of it but the kids all know that they have to stay there until Christmas when we will open them. E kept asking me that morning what was in her "box" and then she kept trying to guess. I finally told her that I was not going to tell her what it was. E replied "Ah, man". This made me laugh.

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Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

They are so, so cute. There are so many things about this age that I LOVE. I really wish we were able to have the kids in some kind of Christmas program this year > I was disappointed that their school didn't do any kind of production.

The photo of the children up on stage > we have those exact same white sweaters with black terriers. Oh, how I love thee Gymboree!!!

Merry Christmas!!