Sunday, December 07, 2008

Jolly Old St. Nick

Tonight we had our supper with St. Nick at church. Jon and I volunteered to help out since the kids are in the programs at the church now and we need to get more involved. We were put on kitchen duty and I was so glad that Jon was there with me because I would not have known how to turn on the over or the food warmer. There was about 160 people that showed up.
The 6th graders did a play for us on the story of baby Jesus birth. I was amazed how our kids were so engrossed in the story and sat and watched the play so attentively. At the end both of the girls ran up to me to ask if the Baby Jesus was real. So sweet. It was only a doll in this particular play.
Both Jon and I were so proud of A for sitting on St. Nick's lap. She has always been so afraid of St. Nick because when you think of it he can be kind of scary. A big old guy with a huge beard. However, she decided last night that she did not want to miss out on sitting on his lap.
St. Nick gave all three kids a good report. K was most smitten with him. At the end of the night he decided that he wanted to say good bye to St. Nick. He stood and asked St. Nick question after question until Jon and I said it was time to say good bye. We started to walk away and then K turned and asked St. Nick, "how many elves to you have"? It was pretty cute and St. Nick was just that a Saint to put up with all those questions. Overall it was a fun night for all of the Erickson Five. Christmas with three 4 yr olds is the best. Jon and I are thoroughly enjoying this holiday season and the innocence of it all!

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