Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Hospital

It's official, the hospital project that I have been working on for over three years, opened it's doors to patients this morning. Wow! What an awesome achievement for all those involved. This project has awarded me the luxury of working part time the past three years as I was the assistant Project Manager working on Furniture, Artwork, Food Service, and other various areas. This hospital is a huge win for the community surrounding this building. As one of the legislatures said this morning as she was cutting the ribbon at the front doors, "This is my proudest moment serving as a legislature in this fine community!"
This has been an amazing project and I have worked with some amazing people. A few weeks ago they had a community open house and Jon and I brought the kids to it. I wanted them to see where "mommy" works. As we arrived, the med helicopter was flying in and we got front row seats to see it land. It was pretty cool and the kids loved watching it.
This project has been an amazing experience for me and one that I have learned a ton from. I am not sure what my next project will be but I look forward to that challenge.

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