Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Claus Came to Town ~ Literally

We had a big surprise this year on Christmas Eve. After we attended the 4:30 PM Children’s Mass at church, we headed over to some friends of Grandma and Grandpa for a little holiday cheer. After about 15 minutes snowballs started to hit the window and as we peeked out, not only was Santa Claus standing there but so was Mrs. Santa too! The kids went crazy and Santa could hardly get through the door of the house.

Everyone including the Mom’s and Dad’s got gifts and everyone (even dad’s and Uncles) got to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture. It was so fun and the kids loved it. I told the trio that they were so good that sparkle must have requested a special visit just for them and their friends from Santa. K told Santa all about Sparkle and Santa told K he knew Sparkle well! It was perfect!

Grandma Mary and Grandma Rachel sure had a big surprise for all of us and we all loved it. It was nice for the kids to get so much one on one time with Santa! They loved it.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

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