Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Festivities

Wow, what an awesome day we had this year for Easter. The weather was sunny and warm and the kids had so much fun. We started out the day early as our Daddy had to work so we all had a quick but yummy Easter Morning breakfast together. This was after the kids tore through the house looking for all the Easter Eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden the night before. We luckily were able to find them all but it was touch and go for the last one for about 45 minutes.
Then the kids and I got all decked out in our Easter attire and headed to church. I was nervous as I knew church would be very busy and I was by myself with three 5 year old's but they were angels. God reserved a seat for us up in front by the same people we always sit by and it was a very nice service and the kids enjoyed it too. I think you know you are at the right church when you get the chills when you are there. I really feel God's love at our church. I think the kids do too.
After church we headed back home and when we pulled up to our house we had the surprise of our life, our new neighbors had scattered hundreds of eggs throughout our front yard, in the rocks, bushes, and even the trees. There were also three baskets, one of each of the kids, on our front porch. It was so sweet that is almost made me cry. Tim, Perry, and I all watched with smiles on our faces and the kids ran through the yard to collect the eggs. I will never forget how heart warming it was that they went above and beyond to surprise us and treat my kids so well. It was awesome and it feels great to live next to people who are so thoughtful and fun.
Once we had our second egg hunt of the day behind us, we loaded up all our stuff and headed over to Grandma Mary's and Grandpa Al's house for some more Easter fun. The Easter bunny had hid some more eggs at their house and he also pooped on the floor again. It was big news and the kids learned that bunny poop looks, feels, and smells just like raisins.
After we had all our egg hunts down for the day, we headed over to the park to play some softball with the H family. They allowed all four of us to join in the fun and boy we had a great time. It was the women vs. the men and the women WON!

We ended our perfect day with a big meal at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Daddy was home just in time to join us for the meal and boy was it yummy and good. It really was such a fun and perfect day.
Oh and one last very important event that occurred on this awesome day....K decided that he was going to ride his bike on two wheels. He worked very hard at it and by the time that daddy arrived home, he was successful and proudly showed Jon how he could do it.
I will never forget what perfect weather we had and the excitement on the kids faces for the holiday. Most of all I will continue to Thank God for giving us his only son and for Jesus who died on the cross to save all of us and forgive us our sins. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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