Monday, April 12, 2010

Father Kendrick

Kendrick has been extremely into the Bible these past few weeks. He asks all the time for someone to read the Bible to him and he loves it. He told me just the other day that he can't wait until he can read the Bible all by himself (we are still working on reading at this house).

On Sunday after church, the Sunday school teacher approached me and told me that she does not know what Jon and I do with our kids at home but they are such great kids and if everyone raised their kids the way Jon and I do, her job would be so much easier. She then proceeded to tell me that K is very smart, in fact so smart, that he would not be surprised that when he gets to school he will be considered "gifted"! I know that K is a smart boy, but I had not idea what she was talking about. She then proceeded to tell me that he just knows things that kids his age just don't know. After piecing some things together, the story in the Bible that Grandma Carol read before bed last night, was the same story that they talked about in Sunday School the next morning. I smiled to myself as I am sure K is very smart and may well indeed be considered "Gifted" some day but for now, he was just lucky to know the exact story the teacher was talking about. This still makes me smile tonight. WOW! He sure impressed his Sunday School teacher!
I am thrilled that K is enjoying the Bible so much. All three of my kids have Jesus in their hearts and this makes me smile. Sometimes at lunch, I will be busy getting the drinks, napkins or whatever and the three of them will break out in prayer with out being asked to do so. They talk about Heaven and God and his son Jesus all the time. Just today, K was sitting at the table decorating the cross he got in Sunday School yesterday and he was singing a song about Jesus as he did so. It was very sweet. I hope that this excitement about God/Jesus and Christianity continues for a very long time. God is good, very very good and who knows, I may have a little Priest on my hands!

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