Monday, June 07, 2010

Celebrating the big 6

This year for the kids 6th Birthday, I suggested we go to a local party place and have their party.  They had a different idea in mind and I am so glad. 
The kids wanted to have their Birthday party this year in our new yard.  So that is when the fun began.  I went into planning mode and I pulled in help from "The Village" so the party went off with out a hitch. 
Each kid got to invite 5 friends to the party.  Luckily all the kids were able to come so that worked out perfect for us.  I then formed three teams, each kid and their friends.
  I tie Dyed 19 t-shirts before the party with a little help from my friend Stacey.  Each team had tie dye shirts that were different colors.  Then we had three stations, a bouncy house, an obstacle course, and then the 3rd station was arts and crafts.  At the end of the party, we had Oreo Cake and sang Happy Birthday to all three kids.  It was such a fun day.  Each child got to take home their t-shirt, an award, a bag of snack mix, and a sucker.  It was perfect. 
Jon and I were very pleased with how well the party went.  All of the kids got along great and had so much fun. 

The night after the kids party, we had another party with our Triplet friends.  We had our favorite triplet families over for a BBQ.  There were 13 kids for this party and they all had fun running around and playing in the bouncy house.  We did a pinata this night to and it worked out perfect as each kid got a chance to hit the pinata once.  Once it fell down, there were coins, candy, and toys to be found by all.  You can imagine that not one was missed off the garage floor.  It was a fun night and a very busy weekend.  

It was a great way to celebrate the kids turning 6 years old.  I still cannot believe we are already at 6 but I am sure I will continue to say that year after year after year.  The most important thing is that I am loving this ride!!! 

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