Monday, June 28, 2010

We Hate Good Byes

WOW! We had such a fun weekend.  Jon got home late Friday night from his trip and we had the fun of spending all day Saturday and Sunday with him.  We headed South on Saturday to visit our friends the Swanson's.  We spent 5 hours in the Swanson's awesome pool and both Jon and I are so amazed at how much the kids are doing with swimming this summer.  I think they all have grown fins because they are such good swimmers.  Saturday at the pool they even started to jump off the diving board WITHOUT A LIFE JACKET and then swim by themselves to the side of the pool to get out.  WOW!  So fun to watch them go. 

Sunday we headed to our old church to say goodbye to Father Bernie.  He is moving to a different church and we will not see him anymore.  Father Bernie holds such a special place in our hearts as he married Jon and I almost 10 years ago.  He gave such an awesome sermon at our wedding.  Then 4 years later, he baptized our three babies.  It was a first for him as he had never baptized triplets before.  The kids adore Father Bernie as well as we do.  It will be sad to see him go but we wish him well. 

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