Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Surprise Trip to Seattle

Last weekend, we all headed out to Seattle to surprise Grandma Mary for her retirement.  This was in the plans for months and such a hard secret to keep from Grandma who we see or talk to everyday.  I am really proud of the kids because they knew about this surprise for over a month and never said a word to Grandma about it. 
We spent the day in Seattle enjoying the sites, going to the top of the Space Needle, the fish market and hanging out at the hotel swimming and chilling out.  It was fun.  Friday afternoon we checked into our rooms at the Grand Hyatt downtown and the kids were thrilled.  From our room we had the perfect view of the Space Needle.

Grandma and Grandpa stayed in the Presidential Suite so we got to check that out.  It was fancy and the biggest hit was the electric toilets with seat warmers and butt washers.
That evening we got all dressed up and headed over to another hotel were the big event was happening.  We were stowed away in the "green room" until it was time to go out on stage with Grandma Mary. 

When  it was time K ran out out in front of all of us and gave Grandma a big hug.  The girls carried out bouquets to give to her and the rest of us followed behind.  She was very surprised and had no idea that we were going to be there to help her celebrate.  It was AWESOME. 

We really enjoyed meeting so many of the people my mom has worked with these past 20 plus years.  They all claimed they are going to miss her so much next year and they begged her to stay.  It was very sweet.  However, she has made her mind up that it is time to be done and we could not be more thrilled for her. 

Now that both Grandma and Grandpa are retired it will be fun to watch them enjoy life a leisurly pace.  They both have worked so hard to provide for all of us that we could not be more thrilled about their future.

They have lots of trips planned and some that even include all of us.  Cheers to Grandma Mary on her retirement!  We are so proud and happy for her. 

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Anonymous said...

The story and pictures of my retirement brought tears to my eyes, I love it and will always go back and read it. Glad you are so good at recording everything it helps us all remember how lucky we are and also how blessed this whole family is.