Monday, November 07, 2011

The She/Me Event

Yesterday, the girls and I had the privilege of attending a She/Me event for Girl Scouts.  This is our 2nd year of Daisy's for the girls and we all love it.  I have sort of immersed myself into it this year as we had no one to step up and lead and well I did not want this to go away for my girls or the troop so well, I am sort of the leader.  Thankfully, another mom who just moved to the area is helping me out and after our troop meeting yesterday, a ton of the Mom's have volunteered to help us out this year so it is going to be great. 

On Saturday, at the She/Me event, we got to hike in the woods, make fire starters, learn about and make bat houses, learn how to make knots, and of course we learned how and made Gourpe.  It was a fun afternoon, the weather was awesome, and the girls/moms were all happy.  It was a blast. 

Yesterday, we had our first troop meeting of the year and it went awesome.  We are holding our meetings at the Gun Club near us as the co leaders, husband, is the manager there.  It is a perfect space and we have a ton of room to spread out and do our thing. 

I loved being a Girl Scout when I was growing up and it is awesome to get to see my girls join in on the Girl Scout fun too. I am still really good friends with some of the girls I got to know from Girl Scouts.  We will be selling cookies this year so watch out Grandma and Granpa's, Aunt and Uncles.  We are going to be hitting you guys up. 

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