Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pool Project

The Erickson 5 has a big project going on right now.  We are putting a pool in our back yard.  We are all very thrilled for this new addition to our house and we cannot wait until next spring when we can open up the pool and have some fun. 
We went round and round and round about making a decision like this but in the end Jon and I both decided it was what we wanted to do.  The project started just after Labor Day and we should be finishing up with Phase one here in a week or two.  Below are some pictures of our project. 

The day the digging began.

The big boulder delivery.  It shook the house when they dumped them. 

The deck has been removed. 

The pool skeleton is in. 
The liner before it has been sealed.

The rock wall being constructed.

More rock wall.

The new steps.
Concrete being installed.

E and Gracie hanging by the rock wall.

K first dip. 

E's first dip.

Gracie wants to get in.

Gracie running laps around the pool with concrete now in.

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