Monday, November 25, 2013

RIP Dexter April 30th, 2001 to November 4th, 2013

Today, Dexter made his way to the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with Toby.  Dexter has been struggling with polyps in his ear for a long time.  We just recently discovered that Dexter has been using our living room carpet as his litter box for awhile now.  I am surprised that we did not catch on to this earlier than we did.  Both Jon and I made the hard decision to let him go.  He was not happy at all and we felt it was very selfish of us to keep him here when he was in so much pain. 

We got Dexter back in June of 2001.  We decided to adopt another cat so Toby would have some company when both Jon and I were working such long days.  Toby and Dexter were great buds and we often through out their lives would find them snuggled together.  Someone pointed out to me today that maybe Dexter was failing in health because his life long companion had left.  Thinking  back about it, I bet there is some truth to that.  Dexter had a broken heart.  Someone else pointed out to me that good life that both of our cats have had.  Lots of love for both of them through all the years.

We have three kids that are so sad and it is so hard to say goodbye.  Just this morning as we were all saying our goodbyes to Dexter, we had some great discussion about Dexter and Toby's reunion up at the Rainbow Bridge.  This brought smiles to all of our faces.  I take comfort tonight in knowing that they are back together and both are pain free. 
May God Bless The Erickson Five in our time of Grief.  RIP Dexter Erickson

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