Monday, November 25, 2013

Impact Academy


This year our school district decided to try a new program.  We were lucky enough to be at the school they selected to try this pilot program.  We were even luckier when AEK were selected to be a part of this new school.  It is called Impact Academy.  Here is the description from the web page:

Impact Academy is program based on the education model that creates a personalized learning environment where all students are taught at their individual level in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  Students and teachers together design a pathway of learning to maximize personal interests and talents.  Integration of content areas will connect all learning to real world problems in the service-learning module. Impact Academy focuses on incorporating three key learning areas, 21st Century Skills, Personalized Learning & Service Learning.

We are off to a great start to our school year.  Jon and I are both enjoying having all three of our kids in this program.  Best of all, the kids are really enjoying being in this program.  I quickly came to realize that as much as the kids are going to be learning in new and different ways to fit their learning style, I as a parent need to open my mind about how to learn and help my kids as well.  The kids first quarter report cards came back last week and as we expected they are all succeeding and exceeding expectations.   We are very proud of all three of them. 

Tomorrow we have our first learning celebration at school.  I cannot wait to help celebrate. The success and accomplishments of Impact Academy.  Big High Fives to Lakeville School District and the dynamic team of teachers who spent many long hours away from their families to design and make Impact Academy a reality. 

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