Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy is our King!

Today is Father's Day so I thought it would be appropriate to honor "daddy" on this blog. Lucky daddy has been on a four day fishing trip so he has had the ultimate treat of a little R & R for himself. We are all anxiously awaiting his arrival so we can honor him on this day for dads.

Jon is such and incredible father. He is so dedicated to A, E, & K even when he is bogged down with work or projects. He knows just how to speak their language and can entertain them for hours with his fun ideas like this and this. Jon is blessed with many things but one of his biggest blessings is his ability to connect with children. It has always amazed me, even before we had our own children, how Jon can relate to kids. He knows how to play and have a good time. Since I don't have this quality, I feel that this is such an awesome blessing. It really makes my heart swell to see him interacting with our kids. He teaches them so many things and they all adore him for this.

When we were headed home from Florida, we were getting on one of the airplanes to head home. The flight attendant asked us "who is in charge of this group?" In which KJ replied "Daddy is cause he is the KING" You can imagine how this had the entire first class section and all three flight attendants laughing.When Jon has to be away from all of us due to his work, it amazes me how these kids miss him so much. Out of the blue they will come up to me and say "I miss daddy" and I reply "so do I" and give them a big hug. Some nights KJ has a hard time sleeping because he misses daddy so much. This breaks my heart but I always reassure him that daddy will be home soon. I always love the mornings when Daddy has come home the night before but the kids were already in bed so they did not get to see him. They usually come into our room and expect to get me up and then Daddy is there. THEY ARE ALWAYS THRILLED! Those are such AWESOME moments.

We are all so blessed to have Jon as our "Daddy" and "Husband"! He is such an incredible Father to the kids and best friend to me. So on this day to Honor Dads, Jon I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you and all you do for us! Happy Father's Day Babe!

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Judy said...

That was such an amazing Father's Day post.