Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

As we are settling back into our normal routine, I was thinking about how crazy busy I feel all the time. That is part of the reason that this blog has been quiet lately. I got to thinking about why I have not been as dedicated to it and really, this past holiday season was a whirlwind. Jon is studying very hard for something that is really important right now and he has been doing this since Thanksgiving. I understand how intense and important it all is not only for him but for all us and our future so I have been doing my fair share of stuff around here. On top of all of that I am busy at my own job so my stress level has been high.
Having said all that, let's talk about the new year and all its hope and promise. New Years Eve we had our annual party. It was fun. The kids had a blast and they are always so excited when we are going to have friends over. I told Jon before our guests arrived, "I think our kids like to party even more than we do" Jon replied "you know that is going to come back to bite us someday like when they are in High School and we are out of town"! Anyway, the party was fun and this year I was honored to have some of my eldest and dearest friends come to the party. We had a great time and we even had our kids in bed by 9:30 PM so that made for a nice New Years Day!
We have so much to look forward to this year. Our family vacation to Disney, celebrating many important birthdays like the triplets turning 5 yrs old, the wedding of my eldest friend Kristin and all the important roles we are going to play that day, and I am sure many more events that I am not thinking of right now.
My wish for 2009 is for much happiness, excellent health, fun memories, and most of all to be reminded daily of the importance to slow down and enjoy this stage of our lives. God sure has blessed The Erickson Five. May those blessings continue this new year and always.

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