Sunday, August 16, 2009

We had fun in the SUN!

We are back and I am happy to report that we were so lucky on the weather for our trip. It was sunny and nice just about everyday we were at the lake with our friends. The trip was awesome and although it was a little exhausting at times with feeding 21 people at meals and sharing a 6 bedroom cabin, we loved it! We had so much fun that we have already reserved our cabin for next summer.
I am still trying to catch up as I am sure I will be doing that all week long but the week was filled with so much laughter and memories that The Erickson Five feels fulfilled, rested, and just plan old happy! I was going to update the blog while we were on vacation but that just did not seem to happen so I will recap the events of our week soon but for now, know we had a great time, Thanks for the B, L, and C families for all the memory making fun! Love you guys.

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