Sunday, August 02, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

You know when your Birthday falls on a Friday it is a great start to the weekend. Friday, I had lunch with one of my favorite people and her kids. Then I was able to get a few errands done at the mall with the kids with me which is always a bonus. After the mall we headed to Grandma Mary's house for a festive Birthday dinner of T-Bone Steaks and King Crab Legs. WOW...they were so good. Everyone was in a great mood and it was such a fun night. The kids were so excited for me to open their gift to me it was really cute. They got me my very own brand new my kids know me or what! It was so sweet and I loved it. I got lots of fun gifts and I was spoiled rotten. What an awesome birthday it was. Jon made it home for the big event and that was a gift in and of itself.
Saturday the kids went over to Sue's house and Jon and I got to golf with my mom and brother. Since we both had not been golfing in about two years, it felt great to be out there again. I would love to take the kids out golfing as well so we are going to try and do that before the winter arrives this year.
Today I had some time to get the house cleaned up and get organized. It always feels good to have the fridge stocked, the house clean, and just be organized and ready for the busy week ahead. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes everyone. I felt so loved on my birthday and it was such a great day. I could not ask for more. So far this year is off to a great start!

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