Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mommy Has a Lovey

This week was junk pick up week in the city that my parents live in. So this is a great time to get some junk out of your house and put it on the curb for pick up. It is amazing how many cars will drive through the neighborhood looking to pick up junk. I guess one person's junk is another person's treasure.
My dad took down a few boxes I had up in the garage rafters. In those boxes were my childhood baby dolls, stuffed animals, and my oldest and dearest childhood treasure. My lovey or as I used to call it my "blankie"! I showed the kids and as you can see it is not in very good shape. The kids said "that is yucky"! So true. I was so attached to this blankie as a child that I think I was well into Junior high or high school before I agreed to put in a box and up in the rafters of the garage. I loved this blankie.
I put the blankie in the van tonight so I could take it home and take a picture for the blog. My dad could not believe that I would take that blankie anywhere. He told me he was going to give Jon a call and give him a warning that I was bringing home the blankie. We all laughed because my parents know how much this blankie used to mean to me and I am sure that the minute I announced that I was taking it home they thought I was going to keep it. First let me say that I am not cause who knows what has been all over that blanket that has been in the rafters of the garage for 15 plus years.
However, all this blankie talk reminds me of a story from a few years back. I think I was pregnant with the triplets and my mom was over helping to pick up and clean out the house in preparation for the babies. After I retired my blankie I soon acquired a sweatshirt that filled its spot. I guess I am in need of that "lovey" in my life. My mom took my old ripped and nasty sweatshirt and threw it away. I did not say anything because I figured it was just time to let it go. However, after my mom went home, my sweet sweet hubby decided to go out into the garbage, retrieve the sweatshirt, wash it and then he gave it back to me. My heart melted and I was thrilled that he saved it. I do not have that sweatshirt anymore. I do not have a lovey for the time being. However, I have new found love of A's lovey. It is a lot like my old blankie and it would be the perfect blankie. However, A does not like to share. Sometimes in the morning she will crawl in bed with me and let me feel one corner of her blankie but that is very rare.
So for now I will remain blankie-less. However, you never know when the next sweatshirt/blankie/lovey could pop up! Cause I am a lovey loving Momma!

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Anonymous said...

This makes me smile...Gavin is SOO attached to his blankets (there are 4 at home and 1 at daycare) and they look about like yours. I will have to "scrapbook" a page about it. Truth be told, I still have my "bear quilt" from childhood and it is pretty tattered & torn. Maybe there's a "lovey gene".