Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Ash Dedication

This past weekend, we headed to GG Del's town to plant a tree at the High School in honor of her. It was a great big Green Ash tree and such a tribute to GG Del. The local paper and radio station showed up to catch the news on it.
It felt great to do something in honor of her. We then were able to visit the cemetery where she rest next to my Grandpa and my cousin. We visited with her best friend Millie and my aunts and uncle, and cousins too. It was a short trip but a good one. I just wish we lived closer to this tree so we could watch it grow. It will be fun to go back and visit though and see the new life this tree brings. We planted the tree at the high school because GG Del used to be a hall monitor and cafeteria monitor there up until the end of her life. She loved her job and she took it very seriously. She would talk about her "kids" all the time. After her death, we learned that someone dedicated pencils in her honor to all the kids at school. So cool.
So here is to the Green Ash tree that will stand tall for many years to come. I know GG Del is smiling down on this tree with much approval.

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