Tuesday, May 05, 2009

MS Walk 2009

(The picture above is the Erickson Five with their MS Walk shirts on that we had made last year!)
This past Sunday was the 2009 MS Walk and this was the 11th walk that myself and my team Walkin' Maniacs participated in. It was another successful day and I honestly think this year was the best weather we have had yet for this walk. It was 70 and sunny with a light breeze and this is my favorite kind of day.
I was able to raise $2700 this year and I am thrilled. With the Economic times we are all in I did not think I would reach my goal but I have some very generous family and friends that support me in this event year after year after year and to them I am so grateful.
While Jon and I were sitting in the VIP tent (this is reserved for top fundraisers) after the 6.5 mile walk, we met the president of the Minnesota MS Society chapter. It was such a pleasure to meet her and she was so grateful for all we do year after year after year. I also received and email from her the day after the walk to congratulate me on my fund raising and thanking me for all my efforts. It was nice to get that.
I will continue to do this walk every year. I am bound and determined to see a cure for MS one day and I know that my contributions will not only help to find that cure but also help people like myself who are living with this disease every day.
So big thanks to my Mom and Dad who drive us around, cook for us, watch our kids, and just overall support my efforts with the walk every year. Jane who is there right along with my mom cooking and helping and pledging my self and team mates. I would like to thank my team who continues to support me in this year after year. To Jon who makes the walk as much of a priority in his life as it is in mine. Thanks for being such awesome people. I love you all.
Here is to the MS Walk 2010! Go Walkin' Maniacs!!!

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