Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bithday Eve

Tonight as I sit here on the eve of A,E, & K's Birthday, I can't help but reminisce about five years ago and how uncomfortable and anxious I was at this point in time. It is a bittersweet to me that they are going to be five years old already. They are such little people now and it amazes me how I can remember when I was five and now my kids are going to be five too.
They are such special little people who are loved by so many people. It takes a village to raise triplets and a village of people is what we have. These kids are such a gift from God and I continue to thank him and praise him for all he has given us. Some days are hard and parenting is tough but in the end it is the best thing that I have EVER done. I love all of them all the same but yet so differently. They are great kids and I know we will continue to be proud of them for so many years to come. Here's to the fives and all the fun and joy they will bring to us!

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