Monday, June 01, 2009

Birthday fit for a King and some Queens

We actually did their Birthday Part(ies) last weekend as Jon was in town and it was a good weekend to have family come to town. We did a separate kid party and adult party and we had so much fun the whole weekend.
First we started out at the Little Gym and this was a party with all their friends. We had 18 kids total at the party and the kids had a blast. Both Jon and I along with the other parents had fun watching the kids pretend they are dinosaurs, jump on the trampoline, play with balls, a parachute, and walk the balance beams. My kids had great big smiles on their faces the whole time. They loved it and so did we.
After their gym time they were taking into the party room for cake and presents. Here is a video clip of the kids singing (shouting) Happy Birthday to A, E, and K. The funny party is that everyone had their hands over their ears but yet still screamed really loud.

They got a lot of really nice things and they were so grateful for all of it. Jon and I were really glad that we held the party at the Little Gym because they did such a great job for the kids and it was so relaxing for all of the adults. It truly was a great time and one I am sure the kids will always remember.

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Nana/Mom said...

Happy Birthday! 5 already...doesn't time fly?!
Party loks like it was a huge success!