Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sneak Preview-Butterfly Dancers

The girls had their dress rehearsal last night for the dance recital that will be on Thursday night. Since it was a full dress rehearsal, I needed to do their hair and make up for it. I have to say that they looked pretty darn cute. I have special make up for them and their dance and I have to say that they think they are the cats meow with the make up on.
The dance show should be fun. A is very shy up on stage and E seems to really like the spot light. We will see how the show goes on Thursday. They will have lots of fans in the audience.

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Heather H. said...

Oh they are just precious!!! I used to teach a 3 and 4 yr old dance class in high school!!! I also helped with the 5-7 yr olds SO FUN!!!