Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Tea 2009

Since this happened clearly almost two weeks ago, I am a little behind but I thought it was worth blogging about. The kids had a Mother's Day Tea at school again this year and I always enjoy going to it. It is so much fun to watch them sing (sometimes yell) and so sweet how they are so proud. Above is the picture of the three gifts I got from the A, E, and K. These are so sweet and another benefit of triplets is three times the gifts on Mother's day tea at school. These are sitting on my window sill and they make me smile every time I look at them.
I really enjoy after their serenading because then I get to watch them interact with all their friends from school. They LOVE school this year. We will not get to be in this program next year due to a new school schedule so we are bummed out. The teachers have even made comments about how well this class seems to get along. It is nice to know when the teachers enjoy the class too. It truly is another sign that the fives are approaching quickly when the kids talk about their friends at school and they fill us in on what is going on with everyone. Sadly this week will be our last for this program and the kids will be so bummed out. I guess we will just have to keep having play dates all summer long with their school friends.
Above is the class with their teachers too. So cute. Below are two video clips of the kids singing. Enjoy.

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