Saturday, May 30, 2009


Now that the warm weather has arrived, the kids have been into eating Popsicles. This makes me smile because I remember as a kid LOVING to eat popsicles in the summer. The kind that we have provide jokes on the sticks. However, you cannot get the answer to the joke until they eat the popsicle. They always come running once they have eaten to hear the answer to the joke. They laugh everytime at the joke but most of the time they do not get it. It is cute to watch.
Every year at this time I always smile at how much fun the summer is going to be. Every year it gets easier for us and this summer is no excpetion to that rule. These kids have become so independent but yet they still need us for some things. I LOVE THAT! I can already tell that Five is going to be a fun age!

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