Saturday, May 02, 2009

Baseball Fever

(This post was written by Daddy Jon)

Last night we all went to a major league baseball game. Nicole got two tickets from work (3 rows up from the first baseline) and we bought 3 additional tickets (family zone in the upper deck). We had decided K & I would sit in the 2 seats while the girls sat in the 3 upper deck seats (girls wanted to sit with mommy and when K realized how close he was to the action, he didn't want to move....until later in the game, when he missed his girls and wanted to see them). We all sat together before the game (and before the seats filled up). Our night began with high fives from the mascot. The kids were so excited they got to see him up close.
K used his usual charm to impress everyone in the seats around us and got to know the two girls in the seats next to ours (regular season ticket holders). They showed K how to go down to the fence and put his glove out in order to try and get a ball from the bullpen catcher. They would take K down there each time but he never was able to get a ball. In the 8th inning there was a foul ball that didn't go into the stands, K ran down to the fence with glove out wishing with all his might that he might be the one to get the ball, but it wasn't meant to be. The ball boy threw the ball to a middle aged woman in the first row and about 10 seats down from us. K turned around and came back to the seats. Then the woman who got the ball turned around and wanted K to come towards her. He had no idea what was going to happen and then she put the ball in his glove. Shear amazement was on K's face. He was utterly speechless (which tough to do with K). He just marveled at the ball, standing there, looking at it and holding it tight. (I took this picture with my cell phone right after K got the ball, he does not look very excited in this picture but he was very distracted at the time. He was on cloud 9!!!)

Bottom of the 8th inning, N, A, and E came down to the lower section and sat in open seats in the 5th row. He was so proud to show the girls his ball.

K had such a great time, he was just so happy to be at the game, he kept asking me all kinds of questions about the game and telling those around us that when he gets older, he is going to be a baseball player. "I am really good, and I can hit the ball really far". As soon as we got in the van to drive home, we had to call Uncle T and tell him about "The Ball", and then all three fell fast asleep.

It was a night filled with hot-dogs, sprite, cracker jacks, snow cones, cotton candy, lots of questions, and most importantly laughs and a whole lot of memory making fun with the happiest little baseball fans on earth.

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