Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daddy the Money Machine

The other day at lunch A was telling us that she was going to buy herself an American Girl doll with all the money she had in her piggy bank. Since her bank consists of mostly pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, we knew that she was no where near ready to buy herself and American Girl Doll. Jon took this as an opportunity to teach the kids about money. Everyone went and grabbed their piggy banks and that is when the lesson started.
I am not sure what the kids took away from the table that day but they sure had a good time counting out they change. When I was a little girl, I clearly remember the first lesson I had in money. I asked my parents for a new pair of ice skates and when my dad told me that to buy a pair of ice skates I would need a truck load of pennies I remember just being so amazed!
I wonder if these kids will remember their first lesson on money?!?!? One thing is for sure, A knows that she needs to save up a lot more money before she can buy herself an American Girl Doll!

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