Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So Long Cho Cho

For the kids very first Christmas, my parents bought them the Cho Cho Wagon! We LOVED this wagon and the kids loved to ride in it. It seemed that everywhere we took the wagon everyone was envious of it. I was asked so many times where I got it from.Well the time has come to sell the wagon. It is not that we could not use that wagon again but it is just time as the kids will be five and they are getting a little too big for this wagon. I sold this wagon to another triplet family that have three 9 month olds. It makes me feel good to know that it is going to a good home where it will be loved but this one is hard to let go for me. It is once again a reminder of how fast these kids are growing up! This is a good thing but sometimes it feels as if it is going just way to fast. Just today I had K at the doctor for an ear check. He has gained 8 POUNDS since August. He is getting so tall and he is such a handsome (not so) little man now.The girls are turning into little ladies now too. Just this past weekend when we were at Kohl's, Grandma E told the kids they could pick out one thing for their Easter gift. The girls bypassed the toy section and headed right on over to the girls section where the "make up" and little girl accessories are located. This again was a sign that they are getting to be such fun "not so" little people.Life has really been a lot easier on Jon and I now that they do not need us so much anymore but for some reason I have a little ping in my heart knowing that they are almost 5 and although hugs and kisses are okay right now, I am not sure how much longer until that is just not going to be so "cool" anymore.
I am loving this ride we are on. My heart swells with happiness but I am sure that the minute the wagon leaves our cul de sac on it's way to its new home, my heart will be sad for a few moments at how fast time is going by. For now I will continue to hug and kiss and love up my kids every day. Bye Bye good ole Cho Cho!


Wendy said...

Awe, what a neat post! I bet that is hard to let go. What neat memories! :)

Anonymous said...

Kids do grow up fast, and it is tough on moms! Such bittersweet moments.

Annapolis, MD