Sunday, April 05, 2009

Skating Delight

Yesterday, the kids had their last "hockey" (aka skating) lesson. They all really enjoyed these lessons and they all did fairly well. It is safe to say now they can skate on their own and since we live in a place with true winter that is a bonus. I am not sure if we will have any hockey players on our hands but at least they can go pond skating with their friends now and hold their own.
When I was growing up, I was what they call a "hockey" sister. My older brother played hockey for most of my childhood so therefore I spent a lot of time at the rink! It was always fun to go to out of town tournaments, swim in the pools, and cruise the halls of the hotels. I think my parents enjoyed hanging out with other hockey parents too. These are all happy and good memories for me. Yesterday, I saw a mom at the rink that had a sweatshirt on that said hockey mom on it. This made me smile as I am sure my own mother probably wore something similar. She was by far the loudest and most active fan at my brother's games. She would spill peoples coffee as she would get so excited and then grab on to them. I remember telling her many times "MOM CALM DOWN!!!" Still to this day some of those hockey parents still laugh and reminder her about this. I am not sure if my future holds the title of "Hockey Mom" but I think I would be fine with it either way. Hockey is fun to watch and from what I hear a ton of fun to play. I guess only the future will tell if we will be a hockey family!
Uncle T (aka Jim) was a big help with the skating lessons. He would come every week and help either Jon or myself get the kids all geared up. This was a life saver for us as you can imagine what a feat this is to get three little kids all geared up to skate. We had it down to a science in the end and we would get the kids out on the ice with in 5-10 minutes of arrival at the rink. So THANK YOU JIM for all your help!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the memories of travel hockey and all the out-of-town tournaments - especially the knee hockey tourneys in the hallways of the hotels! Fun times. My 20-year old son still enjoys playing hockey. I can't imagine lacing up three pairs of skates and getting three little guys out on the ice on time! Your little guys are sooo cute!

Annapolis, MD