Sunday, April 12, 2009

Evidence of the Bunny

So this morning when we all woke up we realized rather quickly that the Easter Bunny had been here. It had nothing to do with the huge baskets of goodies on the counter but everything to do with the bunny poop on the floor. The kids went crazy when they saw that and have told everyone we ran into so far today that the bunny pooped on the floor!
The kids found all of the hidden Easter eggs. THANK GOODNESS because that can get stinky if they are not found. I know that from personal experience when I was a small child. They were thrilled that the Easter bunny hid some of the eggs in their bike helmets. They all thought that the Easter bunny must be pretty funny. The bunny also ate some of the carrots that were left out for him too. However, since he did not eat all of them, he must have been getting full since I am sure all the boys and girls have left carrots out for the bunny.
This has been a wonderful Easter. Daddy and Uncle T returned from their trip this morning and they were just in time for the Easter festivities. We had a wonderful brunch followed up in the afternoon with a big ham and all the fixings. Needless to say we have been well fed. It is a beautiful spring day here and I told my friend this morning that a bright and sunny Easter morning just makes me smile. Alleluia!
The kids have been enjoying the treats out of their baskets all day and it is always nice when they have some new things to keep them happy and busy. Today was a great day. I was worried that it would be a sad day because Easter was a holiday that we always spent with GG Del. I know she was with us in spirit and since we were all together having fun and laughing it made it easier. Christ has risen, the sun is shining, spring is in the air, God is good! Alleluia! Happy Easter 2009.

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