Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Last night after dinner, the kids saw some of our neighbors outside so they wanted to go out and play. A has not been feeling all that great but after a 2 hour nap and some dinner I figured it was okay to go out. The kids love to run around the neighborhood and play while I chat with all our fun neighbors. It is great for all of us.
Last night a little boy showed up in the neighborhood. He was 4 and his Grandma lives near us. K and this little boy became fast friends. They were playing ball together and with in 10 minutes they were tackling each other and rolling around having fun. I even overheard this little boy at one point tell K "that hurt so we need to play more gentle"! WOW! I was amazed at how they took to each other and I was happy that K had a boy his age to play with. Just a little while ago the door bell rang. I was surprised because it was so early on a Saturday. It was K's little friend and he wanted to know if K could come out and play. K is still sleeping but I am sure when he gets up he will be thrilled to go out and play with his new friend. So fun.I have always had a little guilt in my heart about K being the only boy. I know I have no control over this but I feel sorry for him at times when his sisters are playing "dolls" or "barbies" and K does not have a playmate to do boy stuff with. Three can sometimes be a crowd around here when they are trying to play and often it is K that is left out because he is a boy. K also hates that he has to sleep in his own room all by himself. One night he was crying to me and begging me to have a baby so it could sleep in his room. This caused me to tear up and then Daddy came in and told K that he was breaking his mama's heart. We all laughed at that.
For now K will have to get his"boy" fill with his friends. He does not seem to have a problem making friends. Last night as we headed inside to get ready for bed, K turned around and waved and said "Bye Friend"! So cute.

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