Thursday, March 11, 2010

Loveable Quotes & Daddy Forts

The kids have really been saying some neat and special things lately. I want to capture these as they make my heart (and Daddy's heart) swell!

The other night as we were driving home from our weekly Sunday night dinner, I was telling the kids how much I really love and appreciate them.

E said "I am so glad God gave me you as a mommy-I love you"

K said "Mom, I love you more than love" ( I think I will live off this comment for a long time!)

Last night as I was approaching home from a long day at work, I got a call from Jon. He told me that before I walked into the house and freaked out about the mess in the Great Room, he wanted me to know that this is the comment he got from his little E:

"Daddy-I am so glad I was born into this family, we always have so much fun"

a little later E said:

"Daddy-I am so glad God choose you to be my daddy"

Here is what Jon "helped" the kids to build in the great room:

It seriously is the most awesome blanket fort I have ever seen. It is so fun to have a daddy around that knows how to make things so cool and exciting and who can be a kid himself. We all love you daddy!

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