Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Weekend Update

The kids had some fun with our friend Sue this past weekend. Here is her update that she sent to me today. I love her perspective and it sounds like the kids have fun and learn when they are with her. It's like Preschool. I love it.

I am not sure if I told you about all the little funnies from last Sunday:

When they were playing store, I heard A ask as she is ringing up all the clothes on the cash register, "Would you like the hangers"

Room service was the best.
We brought Denny down his lunch, they all helped make it and they each carried something down to him and announced they were room service.
We went back upstairs. Pretty soon he called my cell phone, asked for room service, and said he didn't get a napkin. So one of the kids brought it down. (he was watching the hockey game). So I sent down a note asking would he please call and order stuff so that they could all have a turn?

So first time he calls, A answers, and he orders cookies. She brings them down and tells him it is $4.00. He is outraged by the price and tells her. She says if he wants the cookies they are $4. So he tells her to put on his bill.

The next time he calls, it is E turn. He orders a cookie and she brings it down and is gone a long time. Apparently that 1 cookie was going to be $5. He told me later there was lots of negotiating and she finally said okay $1. He said put it on my bill.

Then he didn't call and K was getting sad. (Denny told me later he was busy watching the game). So E decides to go down and tell him he has to order something. Finally K gets his call and it is for one cookie. He tells Denny it is $5. Denny starts to argue and K says okay $2, Denny says $1 and K says okay, it's free.

Interesting how they each have their own sales techniques. A doesn't budge, E negotiates, and K doesn't like the confrontation so you get it for free.

We went to the park. I didn't wear my boots so I told them I couldn't go on the snow. They all wanted to be pushed on the swings and I couldn't because the snow was too deep. So E says no problem, and she starts pumping from a dead stop. Then A comes and wants a push, again I say sorry I can't. At that point E hops off her swing and gives A a push and A kindly thanks her. E hops back on and starts all over. Then K, E hops off again and helps him (neither A nor K asked for helped, E just did it.) She has to push him the whole time because he can't really get the hang of pumping very well. It is really nice to see siblings so nice to each other so often. That really is unusual.

When we play Monopoly, A has a hard time figuring out the money. K is right on top of it. He knows that $2 and $3 = $5 etc. He and E know the count on the dice, A has to count the dots.

They are all different and all excel in different things. I noticed A has really nice printing when they were sending their notes to Charlie.


They also got to go Puddle Jumping with Sue. The best part about it is that they were soaking wet but Sue had their stuff all washed up and ready to go and three CLEAN kids came home with me. They loved it. Thanks Sue!

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